Looking for patterns in an otherwise absent medium ...

We love patterns; it is something inherent in the species. Encouraging our young to arrange objects. Qualifying, classifying and looking for a sense of form in what is otherwise may actually be random occurrences (or maybe not).

From numerologists, shamans to mathematicians there is a desire to see a symphony of form. We all create patterns, the food we eat, the time we leave for work. The clothes we wear. Influenced by instinct, season, prejudices and so much more.

So … a little test, you may comment if you wish I will be interested in garnering your opinion. Consider the following numeric pattern:


What does it tell you?

The next pattern is related to the first:


Why is this?

Finally we have:


The last number is linked to both sets of numbers, what is the meaning of the pattern?

If you are wondering why I am doing this, it is in part for intellectual reasons. Having been looking at large scale population statistics over the last couple of days; I am interested in learning how we interpret patterns when presented with no contextual information. Only a valid inferred relationship.

Have fun.


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