Adapting my writing style for Key Stage 3 ...

As some of you who occasionally potter around on my blog may know. Apart from writing articles in the conversation, I have written and contributed to (quite a few) text books over the last twelve years.

Currently a new 'technical' endeavor via my work at the Open University may mean that I could be adapting some content for a Key Stage 3 audience. In plain speak, school children aged 11-14.

Used to writing to a 16-19 and adult adult audience, the idea excites me, but also makes me shudder .... after all, it is a little daunting. Especially as I know which platform is going to be delivering this content.

With all of this in mind, for those who teach at this stage, still have offspring in this age range or just have some valid experience. What hints and tips could you offer?


  1. Keep it simple!
    Imagine you're explaining soemthing to me and you should be just fine! :-)


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