What is good parenting ...

Good parenting is one of those myths that everyone strives for but seldom understand what it actually means. Having dragged up two of our own and fostered many others my view is that often our children do a better job of teaching us how to be parents than we can in showing them the ways of life.

Nevertheless ... over the last two weeks I witnessed three examples of excellent parenting that as a father of two 'legal' adults has made me stop and think.

Parent 1 ... a great father who insisted that they could not be on team unless their 16 year old son assisted him. Rather than a domineering approach I saw a well balanced team of two working together with Dad in the lead but Son a very respectable equal in this relationship.

Parents 2 ... a great Mum Dad combo, who at every stage spoke words of encouragement and equally kind discipline over their two under five lads. Potty training for the youngest was probably the most positive experience, where on each successful 'contribution' either or both parents present would sing a congratulatory song (its worth seeing).

Parent 3 ... a Mum who with three of her own children has taken on another child through her husband. Dad is great and has been doing his best since the child was tiny. But the sudden combination of Dad plus new Mum on the scene has proved dividends over the last year. A child with special needs, whose needs while still clearly present is thriving in this new collective environment.

Society recognises us if we are bad parents, I do think we have to recognise what good parents do.


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