Edging towards a quarter of million hits with @ConversationUK ...

One of the many things I like about the work I do, is the discovery of new experiences and the opportunity to get out there some of my thoughts as well as experiences.

Since the 24th of March, I have enjoyed over 249,000 hits and slowly creeping towards the quarter million mark. Which a current article should accomplish in the next 24 hours. 

This means that over a estimated period of 140 days, I have averaged 1786 hits a day. The reality is that some days I have had a trickle of maybe 10-50 hits. But some exceptional days have seen 1000's of hits when a new article becomes its own zeitgeist.

I have noticed that articles have been republished in the USA, Australia, UK, South Africa and New Zealand. Where the Washington Post, New Statesman, Mashable and Lifehacker amongst others have used the syndication services of The Conversation.

In some respects it has helped me develop my writing style and I have already incorporated some of the work I have done into some assessment for our Open University students.  I have also noted that while there has not been a exponential hike, my twittersphere involvement now sees more activity.

Overall I feel that this is something I intend to continue for some time yet ... as long as there are technology security scares, I reckon I have plenty to write about.


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