Stranger than fiction ...

“Often the truth is stranger and more entertaining than fiction, after all fiction needs to make sense.”

Ok, so that pithy quote is a mixture of Twain with a smattering of Smith.

But lets face facts, there are many situations we encounter that when we take the time to reflect, we discover that often the truth is more interesting and even more entertaining than anything our fevered literary imaginations could devise.

One of my few talents (if I do possess any) is to harvest disparate facts from disconnected sources and make those unseen connections. Before some of my readership think that I jump to random conclusions, you may be right. But reality is that I tend to be more pragmatic. Applying a simple taxonomy to any gathered information:

  • Always challenge the source
    • Who is it coming from
    • Do the facts support this
    • Does it make any moderate sense
  • Everything is in a state of quantum flux until there is a definite (meaning something can be both true and false)
  • Cognitive dissonance is allowed
  • Any new facts can be allowed to discredit a previously held idea

So, why this post. In the last 48 hours, a new set of facts have passed by my singular (working) ear and have ...

  • Affirmed suspicions I already held
  • Given me new insight into the shenanigans at a local organisation

It is becoming more like a cross between the ‘scottish play’ and ‘machiavellis the prince’ than one would care to acknowledge. Only if I could really share the detail … maybe a work of fiction should suffice.


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