Do BOGOF's encourage waste?

My tip for anybody reading any report from the media is to take the time to check the facts and form an opinion supported by whatever is presented.

My second tip is that even with that evidence, retain an open mind capable of accepting new facts.

Now that the tips are over, read this BBC report, as you may notice its entire focus is on BOGOF. Yet when you read this report, you see that BOGOF is one para out of 200+ ... would you be cynical here, yes, me thinks. There is more on packaging and dates on perishables and the report notes that the BOGOF problem applies to some lines where perishable items are considered.

Well, is that not common sense, after all BOGOF on cola, or meat (which can be frozen) is different than BOGOF on some short life perishables such as salads.

So, if we stop BOGOFs, what is to say that retailers will not come up with another deal ... such as making something half price. That is the cynic in me. But also whilst there is food waste, please do not assume that the customer is dumb and cannot make selective decisions. Because it is a deal, does not mean that we think its a bargain. Consider the following:
  • Not all BOGOFs are for products one needs, so we do not buy them
  • Occasionally there is a BOGOF for what we need, so ironically we do
  • There are some BOGOFs that are for products we can store, one keeps a freezer for the job and use regular review this device.
  • We do cook too much, so we do have lots of bags, foil trays with 'left overs' in the freezer. Where we have meals for our daughter in fact for ourselves as 'left over meals'. Its good food, we like it and we reduce waste.
As you can see, most of this is 'common sense' which most people have most of the time. Yes, there is waste, yes we can reduce it. But the question I ask, is per volume of food placed on our shelves for retail.
  • What percentage is actual consumer waste?
  • What percentage of the original production volume is waste before it enters the retail end of the food chain?


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