Definition : a dealer in a specific commodity, often used in combination eg. ironmonger.

There is something I like about this old English word. Hanging in there and clinging to a few titles. Ironmongers and fishmongers alike, it is a postfix we all know but somehow underuse.

I think that we need a campaign to give it more life and supplement everyday language with more mongery. With so many modern positions, I am sure that they would sound better being mongered.

So as a networking engineer come computer scientist, am I nerdmonger, geekmonger or internetmonger? Choice is yours.

A jeweller; are they a blingmonger, tatmonger (depending on the retailer) or goldmonger.

Politicians are an interesting bunch, do we call them liemongers? I am sure that flimflammonger may be the term used in polite company.

Pilots could be skymongers, cabbies are ridemongers and some fast food chefs piemongers.

If priests (and the clergy) are faithmongers could authors be wordmongers. Police officers and the legal professional alike are lawmongers.

What monger are you?


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