Autocomplete set to on ...

Do you every have that conversation with others, where you can see that they are not bothering to listen to what you have to say and have a mental setting of autocomplete.

Once they ask a question, before you can give them an appropriate answer, they have to autocomplete the explanation. As if their mental model of the universe cannot take on too much external information.

Equally entertaining, is when you tell them what you do (or doing) and they promptly give you a model of your role that seems to have no bearing on what you are actually about.

So, does one correct them anymore, it depends, if the autocomplete comes across with a particular indifference. I tend to help fuel their misconception and add some more for luck.

If you think you know what I do, or have understood what I have explained, it may be best to double check as I may have deliberately fed you some fluff for my own edification.


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