Dilly, Dally, Delay doh!!!

Nationally there is a worrying dilly dally delay taking place; government vs awarding organisations, awarding organisations keeping educators in the semi-darkness of a dimly lit room.

Come 2015, which is closer than you may appreciate. A large tranche of qualifications reach the end of their normal approval (or validation) cycle. Whilst there is nothing unusual in this process, the worry comes when you discover that as yet nothing has been agreed to replace them and by now you would expect the development to have started.

The problem seems to be that there is a government desire to make vocational qualifications more academic, to the point that they would exclude the countless practical students who would have taken them in the past.

The reality is that, there is likely to be another six months of wrangling, before there is a last minute panic and rush to deliver a qualification. Resulting in errors being introduced.


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