In total denial ...

In my day job, we use different centres to deliver a package to our students in the guise of a 'day school'. Over the years, we have selected centres based on location, resource as well as those teaching the subject. Where the person is in my experience more important than the place.

For the second time since 2005; I learned that one of the centres we use are going to lose key staff. A risk and something that has to be resolved if one is able to ensure a continual level of service within a geographic area.

Such is the relationship maintained with our partners, I learned of this from a team member rather than their somewhat detached management. Appreciating risk and with the awareness of the risk that this posed to our students, a new centre was sought (and found).

All sorted, so one would think.

A couple of weeks ago, I receive a text message from the team member who is now not long from leaving. "Our deanery is asking detached department management what is going to happen to our former profitable contract. Detached management are in a sudden panic. I am sure you will get an email soon (enjoy)".

Thats nice; so one sits back and waits.

Within a few days the email appears, polite, courteous and worth a response. They enquire if there is likely to be a new contract post September.

So, response is penned, sorry, but as we are dealers in the people who teach for you (for us), we moved the contract to another organisation. Whilst they were excellent providers etc, the changes they were undergoing forced us to reconsider.

Then denial happens, the reply was as if they could not read the words in front of them. Happy comes the reply; "thank you for your reply etc, i will send you information on who can continue to fulfil your contract.

Erm, didn't I say that we will discontinue using your services.

Now I can see why my friend is so frustrated as to leave this organisation with his colleague.


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