Gove, what are you on about ...

Some paying attention to the media may be aware that the Secretary of State for Education; Gove, is looking to extend the school day and rethink holidays. If this is bypassed your media radar, more can be discovered here.

It would seem that maybe Gove is wrong, no surprise there, whilst i cannot be sure about the exact accuracy of these figures, I would be happy to consider that Gove is more on rhetoric than fact.

Even if he was to get his way and change the school day, the disruption would be far reaching and possibly not on his radar. The change in transport patterns, employment needs of parents, child care of teachers alone could cascade far and wide. Maybe major supermarkets and employers of parents won't mind how it affects their employees, maybe they will have an opinion that they must share with Mr Gove.

I am aware that some schools (sorry academies), have already changed their teaching patterns. But citing them as an example a practice it does not yet make. These are few are far apart and have no noticeable impact on the wider working patterns of their communities. Yet if you replicate these changes at a national level, it will be interesting (the cynical kind of interesting) to see what unravels.

Ho, hum.


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