Careful where you post ...

I have always maintained the stance that the Internet must come to me. Sometimes I am sure that I may annoy some who read my blog with some of my automated tweets, facebook posts etc. They serve a purpose, that may not always seem obvious. Anyway, I don't go searching the net for information as much as people may think, I have various devices to bring the net to me.

One of these devices is keeping me informed of a group of students chuntering about an assignment on a social media site. It was interesting to see who was having a mutter and taking little care over what they are posting.

My view is that you cannot stop any 'independent' groups forming and nor should we. But it does no harm by watching and occasionally offering sound advice as an equal participant, one can easily be seen in the list of members, in fact one is in plain sight.

So, in the case of the current thread; it looks as if it needs to unravel a little more before introductions are made.


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