Talent for teaching

How would you define a talent for teaching; for many it is based on the results (the number fo grade A's etc). Yet if you have a capable group of learners who are able to assimilate complex concepts by themselves, how would you know if it is your input that is aiding their achievement.

Where talent lies, is in my view getting those who struggle with a concept to a place where they are comfortable, if not proficient.

It does not need to be in a classroom, it can be as a mentor with your apprentice or an off cuff conversation with another. We are all teachers, some are simply more attuned to bringing others forward.

So, dear educator, what do you think is your talent for teaching. Are you an orator, impatient with those who don't receive your excellent wisdom. Or are you an educator, sharing, coaching and encouraging those around you to come closer to what you understand.


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