Scalable Teacher Training via Facebook Live ...

When you are trying to reach a large number of teachers, in a vast number of locations. Everyone using different technologies and you want to spend £00.00 then what do you do?

Solution - create a learning experience that is based around Facebook Live.

Winding the story back a couple of notches - at the Open University we decided to use a modest award to reach out to the Cisco Networking community and offer CCNA1 Instructor training for teachers. Once we covered the staff time for the teacher trainers - we were pretty much out of cash.

Facebook (as well as Twitter) have redefined the notion of broadcast communications - both launching their own respective live streaming services. Having already explored both within the domain of micro-teaching. Facebook offers some interesting benefits:
  1. Nearly everyone has a Facebook account (and if you do not, you can create one, for free)
  2. Facebook live goes to all platforms, why would we worry if you have a iPhone or a Firefox browser on Linux Mint!
  3. Open Broadcast Studio has Facebook Live integration - meaning that we can send camera feeds, alternate sources and computer desktops to our audience.
  4. Facebook Live also automatically uploads broadcasts of under ninety minutes - offering an asynchronous/follow-up opportunity
We delivered the first session and have scheduled the next seven. Seeing encouraging results from the analytics, the first session has reached a significant proportion of the population (770 views for a community of 174).

So, watch this space - we may have found a route into scalable teacher training.


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