Periscope persistence and the steaming wars are game on …

Well that was no surprise – first Periscope, then Facebook Live a year (or so) later. Wait and lo, in a short period of time, Twitter update their service to offer resources that duplicate some of Facebook's offer.

So – the battle is on!

I am still undecided which is the best, in fact I am now inclined to take the view that they are becoming audience specific. The hard part is to critically compare the two in similar terms.

I have done a series of short sessions on both platforms – at different times of year with different affordances. Both had the same pre-messaging and both had good audiences.

I almost need to do both - more or less at the same time to both audiences on a short sequence (three topics). Pitch one at X-o’clock and the other at Y-o’clock or both at the same time but on different weeks (one week apart).

Same subject, same tech, same delivery (as best as I can) then compare the two sets in terms of participation a week later from the delivery date so that I can get a view of persistence. There are self-selection issues and audience preference, which need to be considered.

From a teaching perspective, I am thinking of offering short sessions in:
  • Setting up a network using EIGRP
  • The passive interface command – why do we need it?
  • CDP your friendly network neighbourhood snitch.

To be honest, I would appreciate any advice, observations and constructive guidance on what may be the best way of conducting a comparative and critical analysis of the two platforms.


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