First Go on Facebook Live in anger ...

Clamping the smart phone

First attempt - covering IP addressing and we survived.

Never work with animals, children and IP based technology. As eggs are etc, half way through my first attempt Facebook Live threw me out and I had to quickly get it restarted.

One wonders if this is a recurring issue.

Overcoming the emotion. It worked, but my immediate observations are:
  1. The square screen steals a little useful screen space.
  2. I need a phone clamp with greater rigidity
  3. Consider the display and the colours used for the command line interface
More tomorrow, I will accumulate ideas and experiences.


  1. Sorry I missed this, I will try to make sure I join in with the next one. I use black text on a light yellow background for the command line in my YouTube videos and make sure that though they are recorded at 1920x1080 the text is large enough to read even on 7" devices.For my videos, I set the CLI text to Courier New 12 if that helps.

  2. colour I can do, resolution is dictated by the device and the app


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