For the last week I have been a guest curator of @PeopleOfUK ...

Many who follow this blog - view me via the lens of my work at the Open University dabbling with social media and teaching Cisco Networking. For the last week - I have been the resident curator of PeopleOfUK.

What is @PeopleOfUK - in my own words every year 52 volunteers get to take charge of an account and blog about themselves - what they do, where they are etc. Keeping it honest, clean(ish) and avoiding being too promotional.

A great idea and an account that I have been following for about two years.

I mixed in some of my automated social media techniques with live social media outputs. Nothing new there. I also did a couple of Periscope sessions, shared a well known poem by Twitter and some pleasant photos (well I think so),

You get to chat to others - discovered that someone I know also follows this account, much to their surprise. To be fair, you must commit to putting out two/three tweets a day - personally this is not difficult. My other accounts were all running to their schedules - so a week on another account probably wasn't noticed (scary isn't it).

Donna from Derby has just taken the baton - representative of all the diverse souls sharing their weeks.


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