There will be @CiscoNetAcad superheroes at @RNC_official ...

Have you ever started a conversation that seemed like a good idea and soon becomes very interesting and then evolves into a fantastic opportunity.

Since chatting with our Cisco contact, Nuno earlier this year, the conversation and opportunity has rapidly developed. Managing to acquire funding, resources and a world expert to boot.

Together we are building the first Cisco Networking academy for the blind in the UK and maybe even Europe and Africa. You may be impressed by this, who knows. But, let us be sure of what is truly impressive.

Iain Murray of Curtin University and I are working with a team of fantastic educators and technical experts. The staff at the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford are some of the most wonderful souls you could ever meet. Watching their commitment, care and dedication is a wonder to behold and something to learn from.

The Cisco Networking Team from RNC, along with OU and Curtin Staff
Left to right, Adelaide, Leanne, Theresa, Andrew (OU), Andy, Grahame, Alesha, Sylvia, Iain (Curtin)

Iain (Curtin) showing Leanne the peg board, subnet calculator


  1. Great story Andrew! Yep, over the years working with Iain and vision impaired instructors has been one of the most fulfilling aspects of being involved with the Cisco Networking Academy.
    btw I didn't know that Jack Daniels was a brand of coffee, we don't get that one here in Australia :-)

    1. Aubrey ... Jack I am sure makes some of the best coffee ... thanks for the affirmation, I think Iain is a hero and seeing the work done by blind, visually impaired and sighted tutors @ RNC does inspire.


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