Ok, my latest @ConversationUK article was a bit of a surprise ...

At the point I write this entry, my article on the iCloud hack, is ticking past 390,000 and still pulling in a few hundred readers a day.

Written in response to a request from one of the senior editors, it was hastily penned while I was attending the keynote at ALT-C. The keynote was worthwhile, but I must admit the time was spent in the cloud quickly shifting out the core content behind this article. So best not ask me about the detail of the message.

Having written around 28 articles, my best to date reached over 50,000 with some notable contributions in the 20's, 30's and 40's. Nothing is less than four digits and the lowly articles in the 1000+ readers still attract minor interest.

I have a colleague in my faculty with whom there is friendly banter, we have been edging past each other in the leader stakes, until now. But, to be fair, if it was not for their kindness and integrity, I would not have been introduced to writing for the Conversation.

So, if you are an academic who has something to say; I do commend writing for the Conversation. It takes a little time to develop your style and understand the demands of writing for a current affairs oriented media outlet. Practice, listen to the editor and give it a go. With time, you may see your readership and reach increase.


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