The @OUCisco Netlab sitting in Venables ...

Somewhat of a hidden gem, many are unaware of the Netlab system that sits in our Venables Server room supporting 600+ students at any time. Netlab is a collection of commercial grade routers and switches set up in a remote lab. So that our students get get 'real' hands on experience during our Cisco modules.

The video is no longer than three minutes, filmed and edited on my iPhone. So no real production values applied here.

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  1. Andrew,

    600 students with 3 pods? What is the ratio of how many students per pod? We are looking at potentially purchasing the Netlabs for CCNA/CCNAs, but wonder how many pods we would need to support the work of our students.
    Looking forward to your reply.
    (I am based in NZ)

  2. Herve

    We have met before (you used to work at BCU)... we have three netlabs, not three pods, we have around 8 pods for 150 CCNP students on one system. On the other, 6 pods for our 400 CCNA students. The CCNP is used in anger for the entire course. The CCNA is used for our alternate experience students as we also have day schools and Packet Tracer.

    We solve the demand by our management of the booking by students, creating rules for how long they can book and how often they can rebook (to stop block bookings).

    If you follow me on @teraknor on twitter, we can DM and chat.




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