Via Siri ...

Okay I'm sitting here in the boredom at the moment. Having to wait for my daughter and she goes into the doctors surgery.

So I have been practising with Siri for some time. Getting used to my style of clear speech. Getting used to it not always recognising my west country drole.

So far in the last two paragraphs have only needed to make two very minor edits. As well as adding some punctuation. Not bad methinks!

So do I think voice recognition technology has moved forward, yes I think it has.

I sometimes send tweets, I occasionally make notes. Each using the voice recognition tool within my Apple iPhone.

But to add caution the back ground noise must be low. I have had to switch off the stereo in my car and hope that the children playing nearby don't make too much noise.

So far I've managed to do all of this with out typing another word.



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