From 'IT' to 'procom' now 'digital industries' ...

Sometimes I think the founding principle of some national bodies is to ensure that frameworks are as meaningless as humanly possible.

After a meeting today with different vendors around a table. It became apparent that there is in draft form a new set of national occupational standards. Principally in the IT practitioners domain, they have incorporated cyber security (which makes sense) and digital marketing.

Now did you pause at the last two words of the previous paragraph?

Yes; I am not kidding, digital marketing. Or using Twitter, Facebook, Google Adwords stuff like that.

On one hand the framework has penetration testers and network engineers along with programmers. Then we see a set of framework role centred around social media.

Check it here, I am not kidding. Its on the right hand side of page 9.

So ... in a field that deals with technologists, people who make systems work and probably work for defence, telecommunications and support large infrastructures. We have a group of marketing bods, maybe a little confused why they are here.

Is it because someone in government did not know what digital actually means and gave it to the wrong sector organisation.


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