One-liners, worth remembering ...

I am sure that these are unoriginal. Many I have used or abused in the past, if you want to share, try them out or add your own spin, please do. Explanations are added, if I think they are required.
  • One side parting too many: losing ones hair and not having the courage to admit it.
  • Were you born stupid, or is this the result of practice: speaks for itself.
  • Evolution has dealt you a cruel hand: can be used in a multitude of contexts, best used in a ‘bible believing’ congregation.
  • Hmmm, slower than a dead cat: usually applied to poor Internet connectivity.
  • Impressed that their head hasn’t imploded under the negative pressure. 
  • Still waiting for the clanging sound as the penny is yet to drop.
  • In a universe of their own making and still they are not God: can be applied to anyone with delusions of their own grandeur.
  • Has as much hope as a fart in a hurricane: doubting the impact (or success) of someone’s endeavours.
  • Declared missing in action during a hide and seek game: someone people would rather forget.
Are there any that you would like to add?


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