Lying to your children ...

Who has lied to their children … especially in the pursuit of getting them to eat their food? Or at least the food that you put in front of them!!!

As a parent, now with two ‘adult’ children, I am proud to say that I have told them some real porkers.

Of the four that come to mind:

Snow Carrots: telling a daughter that hated parsnips that this white item in her dish was snow carrots. She loved them but hated the nasty ‘snip’ thing. She bought into the lie and was very miffed when we revealed the collection of Snow Carrots in the supermarket. Ironically we still call them Snow Carrots, a much better name in my view.

Interesting Sandwiches: there was a time when our eldest would pick at his sarnies at lunchtime. So, one got him involved, had him cutting all kinds of ingredients and added some mayo – instead calling them ‘interesting sandwiches’ rather than those boring ones he disliked. It worked; better name, propaganda and marketing worked a treat. For many years, the children would insist on ‘interesting sandwiches’ lunch. Who would want anything else?

Ducks live in mortal fear of Oranges: ok, they loved Duck and this occasional treat was made more interesting. By telling them a tall tale, they would be entertained when we suggested that Duck would be the menu treat with an orange sauce.

The Queen has crisps in her sandwiches: yep more propaganda, to justify why Dad would stick a variety of different crispy snacks into his sarnies. Why not, it was fun and no crisp was out of bounds.

Please make life fun for your children and do lie to them, they need it, how else are they going to become rounded individuals?


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