The word on the street ...

Somewhere local there has been an investigation. I don't know much of what has been happening and can only go on rumour, conjecture and naturally a bit of gossip.

So no actual facts to offer.

But, it has always been my way to listen to all the different stories and take a flexible view based on the balance of probabilities. It has stood me in good stead for many years and has helped me deflect some grade one bulls$$t from other so called academic organisations.

The word on the street is that the governance of this organisation has been found wanting as well as the senior management. Something I guess, would have been the automatic choice of 'attack' if you were going to look good as a government appointed inspector.

If a large organisation is in trouble, it won't have been the troops nor the lieutenants. One could easily argue that it would have been a systemic failure of senior leadership and governance to have stopped the apparent issue.

So, will this be a victory for the Government, no. Will it show that they have 'acted' effectively in dealing with the issues ... erm, 'no', all they are doing is cutting the historical issues and will create more turmoil as there enters another leadership regime.

There is the potential that they will eventually turn the organisation around, but this will take time and sadly heap change on change losing track of any success the organisation has historically enjoyed.


  1. It's happening everywhere Andrew. In my case the attack is coming from within so I'm looking to get out for a year and then see if it's worth returning.


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