Sarcasm Policy ...

Do you work in an organisation that has a policy for almost everything. It tends to be the within the remit of the public sector and government funded, such as public health, local authority, social welfare, education and so on.

If you do work in one of these, you will probably know some of these policies and in spite of your years of experience, you may still be amazed at some of the unmentioned policies that some fevered zombiecrat has dreamt up.

Using the googlesphere, i came across this site, listing 224 for the UK.

Try reading the list, whilst remaining sane and not allowing your inner cynicism to choke your hippocampus.

In considering all of this, I think that organisations are working slowly towards a Sarcasm Policy. This could immediately fall into two distinct camps.
  • Those that encourage and endorse positive use of well honed sarcasm.
  • The others that fear witty banter and will strive to ban sarcasm at all costs.
Tell me, which type of organisation do you work for and in what form would a decent sarcasm policy take?


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