The compliance visit ...

Often centres plough on regardless with their standards verification, unaware that there is a hidden treat in store for centres that are suspected of miscreant behaviour.

Over the last few weeks I have been involved in a couple of compliance visits; where a senior verifier and investigator appear announced asking for the chief executive.

The initial scurry of activity then morphs into a cascade of emotion from top downwards, as everyone is suddenly flung into having to respond to our requests for information, marking, verification, registrations etc.

So, if you are at a centre thinking that you can pull the wool over the eyes of a standards verifier. You may be correct; but out there is an interesting array of triggers that encourage a compliance visit.

Be aware that ofqual themselves are a primary trigger, as well as whistleblowers, unhappy parents, students, relatives and vexatious souls. Your data may not ring true, a trend may be observed or regional quality experts may spot behaviours that unsettle as well as my team of standards verifiers smelling a rat.

It does not need to be anyone, occasionally it is, but when two or more combine then an awarding body is obliged to ‘pop in’ and have a chat.


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