Fathers Day thought :

Having had a meagre experience of fatherhood during my youth; the prospect of becoming a father contained all the natural trepidations and excitement. Now over twenty years down this road, what can I say that would give wisdom on the experience?

Someone wiser than I, once said "as parents we are all amateurs; if we are lucky our children do a decent job of helping us bring them up". 

How many reading this, as parents can relate this this? Even those without children can recall when we have had to 'gently educate' our parents. 

Making mistakes is part of the process, as our children mature it moves from dictat to discussion. From direction to healthy debate. But parenting is not a democracy, more a benign dictatorship, in fact it is probably between the two and both at the same time.

I have to ask my children what it is like to have a father, as that experience has been so sparse. The feedback is that they are still talking to me after 20 and 17 years respectively. One is a fan of Dr Who, the other Star Trek and Star Wars, so in this respect, my work is done. I have taught them both to swim, ask why, as well as encourage them to eat some absurd foods their time.

Now I have two reasonable humans in my life, in both whom I am proud to know.


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