Packet Tracer using Wineskin Winery ...

Ok, for many who read my blog, you may be aware that I dabble with many geeky projects, some count as work.

As a fan of the shiny world of Mac, I have produced a couple of creative commons resources over the years for the Cisco Academy community, covering how Packet Tracer may be ported to a Mac.

Looks like we now have a potentially tidy version three offering, moving from Virtual Machine, to Play on Mac now to a fully 'bottled' app, I have this working on v 5.3.3 and v6.0 (beta)

To download please follow this link and download the app for 5.3.3, it looks like it will work on ....
  • Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion, but this I would like to see tested.
  • Multiuser seems to work, but you MUST set a rule in your firewall to allow this, otherwise your Mac will ignore any connection attempts.
Yes you will need to unzip the contents of the folder to a location that you wish to run this, I may work on a DMG file, but lets do one step at a time. Please also note, it is 238 MB, so depending on your connection, now may be a good time to put the kettle on.

I have not as yet tested it with the curriculum or the SBA, but I am sure we can work on this, currently for previous versions these were offerings that worked in v1 (using a Virtual Machine) but not in Play on Mac.

Please either comment on the Facebook group or via this blog entry, feedback as ever is appreciated.

As a byline, thanks to my mate Rob Spragg who as yet does not know what I am doing to his bandwidth.



    1. If you want to run it on a Linux or Windows machine, you can get these versions from the Cisco academy site?

  2. it works for mac mountain lion


  3. AMAZING!.... thanks for it!!! thanks for that!

  4. MAANNNN!!!!!!!! without words, thank you very much !!

  5. Where can I find a version with 6.0 already setup? Or how can I update this version to 6.0? Is there files I can replace in the app contents? I looked and did not see anything obvious.

    Thanks for all this work.

  6. something that has yet to be done ...

  7. Downloading and testing on Snow Leopard. I'll post the results here. Thank you!


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