For gravity, the only way is up?

Was that a confusing statement, hopefully.

Down is only relevant when you are the smaller object, closer to the larger gravitationally greater object. Out there in the universe are many gravitationally interesting objects that can be 'larger' or 'smaller' than the Earth and have a greater or lesser pull.

Like life, it is after all a matter of perspective, because its larger, does not mean that it is greater or more powerful. But the smaller it is, maybe this will have the pull to draw you in.

We can often spend our time orbiting the obvious, attractive objects that are of interest to the many. But ask yourself, what out there is the smaller more interesting way to think and see the universe, what maybe the smaller but intensely more attractive; would you let it draw you in.

A neutron star beats a red giant anytime for gravitational pull and is considerably smaller than our own sun. Harder to spot, it will hold onto you, whereas the more obvious red giant is normally 'gravitationally' less attractive.


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