A little time away from the blogosphere ...

I have been taking some unintentional time away from blogging, no reason, not much to say over the last two weeks.

Now in a post Olympiad world, my thoughts have been in two spaces ...
  • How the world of a local further education provision has been tipped leftwards since a visit from the inspectorate.
  • The exciting prospect of building something that would have national and international value.
Once they have finished fiddling with the long knives at the further education college, I wonder if they have had the intellect to consider the long term impact, including:
  • Loss of experience where those being lost have probably the greatest experience, when it comes to the subtle art of managing a range of educational programmes
  • Loss of good will, sadly those who remain, may fall into two camps:
    • The average who will remain as they are unable to progress
    • The disenfranchised, capable souls who have lost the inclination to innovate or inspire 
Today, I revisited an opportunity that has been in the churn for the last three or more years, more will come on this as one looks at the co-development with a large networking company.


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