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I am in no doubt that its too early to form any opinions or conclusively draw conclusions, but something deep inside me, suggests that current government policy means their rottweiler (Ofsted) is bent on downgrading further education colleges.

Detaching oneself from the personal interest in observing the numerical shift of a local college from one to three in the last couple of months. This report from FE Week whilst also inconclusive does present a view that there seems to be a current change in fates taking place.

The devil is always in the data, as the demand for performance increases, there is always a payoff. As national averages increase, the results base of a college can rise or fall accordingly. Immediately killing any hope of 'outstanding' results or even 'satisfactory' in many cases.

Assuming there is no collective will to control the results at an individual level, the noose upon colleges and other educational establishments can only tighten.



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