Rubbing of salt into a fresh wound ...

Glad I don't work here anymore, the announcement today in her majesty's birthday honours list, whilst excellent news that further education is getting recognition. Comes at a time when many hard working staff are still reeling at their Ofsted result.

I bet they are soooo chuffed, knowing that their chief exec has been knighted.

The report does little to support the notion that there is good leadership, if anything one wonders if they had been sticking their head in the sand regarding their results for the preceding three or more years.

So, lets take a British look at this, you can screw up and still get a good result.


  1. Happens everywhere - we have a manager where I work who is rewarded for incompetence, arrogance and ignorance by having their portfolio of responsibilities reduced!

    1. Maybe we are doing it all wrong ... should try this.


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