Being qualified ...

Whilst writing on another blog, a recurring thought took time to revisit and nag away in the back of my mind.

What is the real value of being qualified?

Working in a world, where one has often been involved in the intricate processes that encourage the development of a range of qualifications from entry level through each level to post-graduate masters. It can be said that I have seen, influenced and experienced a comprehensive range of 'academic' experiences.

Yet in my wide and varied professional walk, within education and beforehand working in my 'sector'. Some of the best, most inventive and capable souls have not come from a world where they are the most qualified, but more likely from talent, experience and ability.

So, can we measure ability, is that what a qualification accomplishes, or is it a crude measure of 'knowledge'. Looking at the different styles, certifications, assessment types and the such like, there seems to be few 'qualifications' in the entire world that actually measure ability.

Interesting thought and open for debate.


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