Well it wasn't a bad day ... but then ...

Dear <name removed as they are an idiot>

Thank you for your grumpy toys being tossed out of the pram, stroppy rude email earlier today.

As you can see from the tone of this email, i failed to come equipped with my 'giving a shit' app and am happy to sit here and think about the many reasons why you are still stuck in your little world.

I would like to get engaged in your petty one downmanship, but i am doing too many interesting things at the moment to play along. Sadly you tried to play me off against an old dear friend, for whom i have greater regard and considerable respect.

As you can tell, mainly by my absence, i don't work with you anymore, in fact it is almost four years ago since. It may have escaped your attention, we don't play in the same sand pit anymore, having found other bigger more interesting children to play with.

If you would like my help, its on offer, but at a cost, where you have to remove your head from a bucket and take a careful look around.


A somewhat bemused email recipient


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