Semi Detached Reality ...

Part of the art of what one does professionally is to NOT to be tied to
rules for the sake of rules and to be able to avoid adding rules where none
previously existed.

Its not difficult, at least I think it's not.

For some reason, our species has a knack of adding new rules, whenever they
spot a gap. Some are theological, some sociological others procedural.

Yesterday, I was chatting to a friend of my son, she is doing a nationally
recognized qualification in an unrelated discipline. Whilst I know little
about her field of study, the rules for assessment are 'exactly' the same
as my field of expertise as a senior verifier.

She was more than happy to share what her tutor has told her about
assessment, I know its the words of her tutor, as most 16/17 year olds
would not normally use many of these terms in their everyday conversation
(they are fortunate souls, they are still possess hope). After a short
explanation of what she has to do, to complete her assignments, it was
patently obvious that :
  • Somehow her tutor misunderstands the expectations of the qualification
  • The tutor, or those whom the tutor works with, in their misunderstanding have imposed an extra layer of rules (in my view making it harder for their students to understand what needs to be done).
Places palm over forehead, sighs, momentary feeling of despair.

Somehow another layer of unnecessary effort has been added to this students


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