So, please tell me, why the exotic and strange foods ...

Have you ever found yourself committed to a game where the stakes only increase, but instead of wanting to leave, you are one of the willing protagonists upping the ante.

Yep thats me.

I do love food, especially good food, which is somewhat cliche in this time of ours.

Good food, may be good value, it may be what it says on the tin, it can be simple, but not processed (but here i have some affectionate weaknesses). It has to taste good, and not any old good and being different is part of the pleasure. Why have something else everyone else has eaten when you can try it before others and enjoy the epicurean delight.

To understand my mindset, you need to take on board the case of chilli chocolate, one time it was rare, you had to hunt for it and buy large quantitites. And boy was it good, really enjoyable and a talking point. Now alas everywhere sells it, great for everyone, now of limited pleasure for oneself.

Understand this and you understand my mindset.

I like to try, i love to share and the fun is the exploration as well as the debate and discussion. Yes I will show off, yes, there are some places in the world of food i will tread that others shy away from. But lets face it, its fun. After all, when you can claim to have consumed X or Y and have prepared it yourself and to the delight (or dismay) of your guests.

So, if we invite you to dinner, you may be pleasantly pleased, shocked or disappointed, you will never know.


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