Diversify me ....

Is diversification the key to survival those with an evolutionary mindset would think so.

Maybe I agree.

I am not thinking about anything theological, nor am I attempting a scientific debate. Not that either are beyond my capacity, one is simply not interested today.

My career in education has, compared to many others been short, yet I have seen an experienced a cornucopia of opportunities over this time. Moving between spheres, seeing the microcosm as well as the macrocosm.

In my alleged short journey, one thread reoccurs ...

If you don't diversify, both personally, academic and educationally you will not survive. Long gone are the one trick ponies of education, long gone is the reliance on one product, one discipline or area of merit.

Yet so many clutch onto this.

The real irony is the past, and how I see different educators clutch onto this. They are sentient, so know that the past can never be revisited, yet somewhere in their consciousness and cognisance they wish for a time long lost (or never was and at this time they probably wished for a time before).

We can only move forward, staying still is evolutionary succeed and progress is not what we always understand it to be.

If we choose to ignore the need to diversify, stand still and visit the past, we are doomed.

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