a bit of a naff nemesis ...

As the general definitions of nemesis goes, this one is somewhat naff and in my view quite pathetic. I would not pay them much heed normally except they seem to be pursuing their silliness in a way that is still affecting others.

For reasons too obvious i will remain cryptic, but those who know us, will know of an issue with a former employer of a family member. This lead to a successful pursuit through the tribunal system which is a matter of public record. Having bloodied their nose, in an entirely legal way, and seeing the case to its full conclusion, you would assume in these situations that you would see/hear/think no more of them.

Yesterday, after the summer break, we could see in a public way in a local town that this individual is still playing silly games and affecting those who work for them.


With our experience of dealing with them, I can already see lies and half truths as well as publicly evidence on the net that would lead one to wonder if the public are being given a half truth. Worse still there are more employees who will be affected by this situation.


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