Educating and innovating inside a police state mentality

Had to do something today that did not personally cause me any problems, but did make me stop, think and become a little sadder for those trapped in the environment in question. Because of the attitude of the organisational culture involved, all references will be vague, not any sense of self preservation (as one is long shot of this environment) but out of respect for those who are still locked into a contractual bondage.

Around six years ago, probably at a peak of innovative zeal and educational activity, I was privileged to be part of a four strong team teaching Networking and Telecommunications. Splitting infinitives where none previously existed and gaining recognition for our students as well as the college I worked at.

During this time the team created a conceptual complex network infrastructure, Widgets R Us, a massive physical case study that spanned across five labs and had a direct route via the corporate DMZ into the Internet. (so papers published this year by another are not describing anything innovative, you are simply one of the few to record what others have already accomplished).

As part of the concept a domain name was acquired externally, which was replicated on a contained part of the internal structure DNS. With the external site containing different resources and activities for students. This predated the VLE implemented at the time.

After time, the project dissolves, mainly due to the changing culture of the organisation, where the website becomes forgotten about and continues to remain hosted.

Then the unexpected communiqué, can you delete the site, as my former colleagues are at risk of disciplinary action.

Yes, I am sure you are thinking the same as I?

Educational police state gone mad?

Site has been changed, where any association with it and the others is now ‘erased’, the real joke is that this site, and its previous iterations will remain recorded for posterity in the “internet way back machine” ... Google and enjoy.


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