And to all those A Level Students ....

Listening to the news on more than one occasion today as I mark students work, answer emails etc. I do feel for the youngsters who collected their results.

At a stressful time, where their perception of their collective futures is at its most vulnerable, you have:

    • The constant commentary on the fact that A level results have improved for 28 years in a row
    • Hype on this new A* grade
    • The disappointment facing many who don’t get the grades
    • The challenge of clearing in a university system having to face a reduction in numbers
    • The additional burden of this being a ‘3rd generation’ baby boomer population (post war copulation, work it out).
    • A shortage of alternatives
    • The perceived need for higher education

Worse is the way the media seem to pitch this as a panic, with August being a generally dead time in the news, they have a new week franchise to pick this to pieces.

My views on the UK education system has a tone of cynical experience, but lets be fair, no matter what we may think as to the quality of any qualification, there are seldom any youngsters who have not gained the grade they deserve. Now, with the stress of the exams (and the wait) some now have to endure the stress of the fear of not having the place they may need/want.

Would you treat your own child this way?


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