The certainty of crowds

Maybe as part of a national citizenship programme everyone, including the aged should go on a "walking in crowds" primer.

Being a bit of a curmudgeon i have a healthy dislike of crowds, especially the shopping centre variety, with particular distaste for the saturday experience.

On the seldom occasion i am encouraged out of my troll like existence to venture into the madding crowd, i return with a sense of exasperation.

There are is in society an unerring subgroup of souls who stop dead in their tracks in a crowd, without indicating or signalling their intentions and pulling over to the side.

Oblivious to the amassed chaos, they create an island, causing, sudden manoeuvres redirections and additional chaos in the throng.

If you are one who likes to wander aimlessly in crowd, stop/start and wonder why everyone seems so pushy and rude. Maybe you need some crowd training, it's not difficult.

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