Open Source wise words of course?

Working on the new Linux course at the Open University has been an enjoyable and informative process. Over this time the interest from other Linux enthusiasts from the modest dabbler through to the zealous technomage has been encouraging.

An interesting and personally entertaining thread reoccuring in many of the conversations involves the open source paradigm and freegalitarian nature of the Linux community. Being a keen advocate of this ethos and having made a couple of very minor contributions over the years. I appreciate the culture and
concept, but view with some considerable amusement the Puritan fundementalist views being shared.

Having worked in the sector from the emergence of Microsoft Windows and the demise of DOS, having used Novell, unix, VMS, CP/M even I have no personal emotional attachment to any operating system. There are those that are 'good', others that have been a disaster, some of these are free, others

Happily using a Mac O/S to submit this, having a Microsoft Desktop as well as Linux machines at home and work, I am not sure about the need for zeal in using only one system (being such an impure soul, there is nothing much left to taint).

So, the point of this blog, if any, is to assure the world that I live in an omni-ecclesiastical world of operating systems, being able to accept all faiths as equal and not having and preference of Open Source over Commercial. Happily using each in context when appropriate.

Andrew Smith
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