Adults are you worried, yet, if not, why not?

Keeping an eye on the twittersphere this morning a tweet rolled by from FE news @ apart from the obvious state of being an adult oneself (derisive remarks allowed). My concern is not only from the perspective of where is the support for all over 19’s in UK education. But also from the perspective of an experienced educator in further and adult education of where is everyone going to go for their employable skills.

Once we leave school/college/university [delete as appropriate] we do not stop needing to learn, for many the lifetime career of 40+ years doing the same job is no longer a reality or even an ideal aspiration. Reskilling, retooling, acquiring new skills, updating old ones, aquiring new knowledge are all part of the package of employed life. Whilst many can ‘teach themselves’, there is a need for accreditation through managed learning as well as enhancing a personal CV.

Appreciating the economic climate is at best ‘broke’, I can see that the national purse is struggling. Yet whilst money appears to be squandered in many areas (you may include your own personal views here), the skills of the workforce core to our national and international economy are being pressurised.

So, sadly, if anyone reading this has just been turned away from their local college, its not personal, they really don’t have the money to spend on your education anymore.


  1. Last night C4 Dispatches "Kids don't count" on UK children leaving primary education without the basic numerical skills required to live showed all it takes to change matters is Teacher's preparation and dedication to motivate kids rightly and give them the right piece of info.
    How is it possible to appoint teachers without basic GCSE numeracy skills to teach these children?
    "From that dust, this mud!"
    Perhaps we are focusing too much on our own pocket?


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