Are you a 24x7 teacher? ...

Many uninformed members of the public, let us call them politicians - have a nuanced view of teachers. Based on a historically biased view that once the lessons have finished we all bugger off and do flower arranging* or something equally unrelated to our primary profession.

In my experience, now adding up to 'too long', it isn't unusual to find schools (and therefore teachers) contacting me:

  • At stupid o'clock, early in the morning - while I am still snoring.
  • Again at stupid o'clock at night - when one should have been long gone and tucked up with a cup of cocoa.
  • Early on Saturday and Sunday mornings
  • Sunday evenings are also popular.
  • During 1/2 term, into Summer, Easter and Christmas breaks.

Do you recognise this? Are you a 24x7 teacher? Does teaching consume what you do - I think that for many just to stay on top they must manage their communication and administration like this.

*If any professional flower arrangers are offended, try teaching - then you will have something to moan about.


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