A quick compare of #periscope vs #FacebookLive for @OUCisco ...

Having successfully used Periscope in anger, when Facebook Live was launched last week - I must admit to an tinge of 'sigh, here comes another one'. Attempting to be fair minded, semi scientific and unbiased - I have given Facebook Live a go. Using on both my personal profile as well as the OUCisco page I manage.

My first attempts on Facebook Live were not production value slick broadcasts - however they have given me enough to give a fair comparison.

Pros of Periscope
  • One can broadcast to any anonymous audience, it announces to your followers on twitter who can easily re-tweet as well as any periscope followers or souls who happen to see that you are live.
  • Easy to use, personally being a bear of little brain - point, click, broadcast - blah blah blah then done.
  • It has full landscape - a little bit more aspect ratio to work with.
Cons of Periscope
  • Rotate your camera from portrait to landscape at your peril - the recording does not like landscape.
  • Lack of persistence, once it has been available for 24 hours it is gone. While you may have your recording, you have to upload it to a video sharing site of choice - anything done in landscape will be a painful viewing experience.
  • Comments are shared on the site not the video - they only last for 24 hours.
Pros of Facebook Live
  • It has full persistence, the video remains forever (until you delete it) on your Facebook feed or page. Any likes and comments are also shared on your feed or page as well.
  • It announces to all page followers, friends via the notifications icon.
  • However you rotate the camera, the video image remains the same - even when the recording is retained.
  • Followers/Friends can still continue to comment and therefore participate post live event. Which in my opinion is a major plus.
Cons of Facebook Live 
  • It works within your own community - if they are followers, friends or already like your page. Then it is easy to reach your audience. Yet, if they are not, unlike twitter you have to add a little effort to encourage 'others' to find your broadcast. This isn't difficult, it is extra work.
  • The small (instagram'ish) square aspect - it is limiting in some contexts - but see the pro as well, this is a double edged feature.
  • I did have to play hunt the icon in my iPhone app - this may have been the nut at the end of the keyboard (me) - tho the Faceweb site wasn't particularly helpful.

As Facebook pages can be pushed to Twitter - I can see how one could easily offer the best of both worlds. I think that each will appeal to different audiences. The sheer pervasiveness of Facebook means that this tool may eventually win the war (if there is one).

I am sure you will discover other pros and cons with either platform. For now I have to decide where to ply my wares. The persistence of Facebook Live is mindfully gnawing away at my subconscious.


  1. Thats really useful Andrew. Do you have any views on privacy or open-ness differences?

  2. Views =I do -> worth a whole blog article tho, now thinking how to compose this?

    Meanwhile Tony more than happy to discuss.


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