Why are newspapers still trying to 'out' people?

It is rare for me to share a view on such a personal subject - why are some newspapers still keen to 'out' people. In my youth it was about outing homosexuals - now it seems that transgender is a target.

They are not committing a crime, they are not affecting our nation, their transgender inclinations will not cause large corporations to fail. Some men want to be women and some women want to be men. Is this really an issue?

While many of us do not have these feelings (or is it inclinations) - what someone feels or wishes to be really is of no media interest whatsoever. Celebrity, film director, CEO or not.

Stop it, it is immature, report world news, report facts about what is really affecting people - if you think that someone who prefers to be another gender is newsworthy then you are really not a part of this century!


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