Publicly sharing my ideas for @OUCisco @CiscoNetAcad #periscope sessions ...

Rather than leak out one session at a time, I am formulating ideas on what to cover this academic year. Using the democracy of the crowd via the Internet (hello all) ... Please retweet, post, share etc and encourage others to offer suggestions.

My plan is to run a series of technical periscope sessions, using the Cisco Academy Packet Tracer Network Simulator to cover a range of first principles subjects. Just before the summer, I tried some experimental sessions ... now for the real deal. My plan is to offer a sequence of CCNA topics that will include the following:

  • Cisco IOS show and tell
  • IPv4 addressing basics
  • Static routes - the duct tape of the Internet
  • Very basic routing using RIPv2
  • Redistribution of static routes into EIGRP
  • OSPF - a single area
  • OSPF - multiple areas
  • Wildcard masks
  • Access Control Lists
  • Dot1Q the basics for normal people
  • Packet Tracer MultiUser - unlocking potential
Please using the comments below, suggest more - no promises but ideas are always great. As periscope is broadcast once, I do intend to complete a couple of sessions for each topic and also keep a recording and share on YouTube.


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