More right then left, yet I struggle with the new order in the UK ...

I am not ashamed to say that I am more inclined to the right than left, more 'Tory' than Liberal, more blue than red. Definitely not purple!

But, having 'Tory' inclinations does not mean that I have to agree with our current government, or the record of their last term.

Having seen some considerable damage done, namely:
  • International reputation of our nation, including Europe.
  • Education, where there are many times I have seen fear from our educators. Along with many other noted instances of the damage done.
  • Disability care and consideration; I am of the mind that those who can work, should. But, some need more help, they want to but have to often overcome Herculean challenges on a daily basis only to find that our Government is pissing on their shoes.
  • Recognition that we having to find intellect from beyond our sceptred isle, as we struggle to cultivate our own. 
  • Overcoming the academic bias, we are desperate for vocational technologists that are world class. There are some magnificent efforts out there, in spite of educational policy and practice.
I am opinionated, not too worried about this. Sadly, I can collate evidence for the majority of the above, within the realm of my own experience.

So, if we (as a nation) have voted in the Conservative Party, maybe we have to hold them more accountable for the above. I am sure others have similar opinions on policing, defence, the NHS and more.


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