Monitoring your feeds ...

To my amusement, I still get many souls assume that I am always online, always on social media, always posting. As one has explained, automation solves many things and maintains a presence even when one is sucking down darjeeling with Marie Antoinette.

Another tactic is let the feeds talk to you and enable a level of remote control of their output. Everytime someone posts, tweets, retweets, mentions, replies etc. I will get an email and/or a sensation in my pocket (which is where I keep my phone). Some feeds will not allow posts until I approve them, others, allow the posts but give me the opportunity to review/remove them or reply if/when I see fit.

On a couple of groups, especially on LinkedIn and Facebook, I have to endure the occasional soul who likes to self promote. Fortunately I can easily intervene, having full sanction. It does happen, but then I do have control, after all what self respecting geek actually wears RayBans these days?

If you are an educator who wants to use social media to reach a larger community beyond the scope of your immediate students. Go for it, with the simple caveat that you must review the settings of whatever medium you use and be prepared to adjust them based on experience.

Too loose, is a case for regret, too tight, the feed will be burdensome, especially when it is popular. Make sure that it always comes to you, so that it will tell you rather than wait for you to check in.


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